Buttimer on NBC News to Discuss Affordable Housing

Monday, December 16, 2019
Dr. Richard Buttimer talks about the affordable housing crisis in Charlotte

Dr. Richard Buttimer, interim associate dean and director of the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate (CKCRE)appeared on NBC News affiliates across the nation to discuss his research on the affordable housing crisis.

“There's a lot of things that are causing this,” Buttimer told NBC. “You can't just point to one single thing and say this is the magic bullet. If we solve this, we solve the entire problem.”

In Charlotte, research shows one of the issues is that the demand for housing and the growth in population outweighs the available housing and the cost of building new homes. 

Buttimer has led CKCRE in its research of the different causes of this housing crisis. The interview aired on more than 50 NBC affiliate stations across the country.

In early 2019, the center released the State of Housing in Charlotte Report, a data-driven analysis of the housing markets in the Charlotte-metropolitan region. Subsequently, CKCRE launched the Housing Summit Series to present and analyze the report and research.