About the Center

Charlotte's Childress Klein Center for Real Estate was established in 2005 with support from the real estate industry and program alumni. Their financial contributions have supported course development, scholarships for incoming graduate students, special events, and community outreach activities. 

Vision Statement

The vision for the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate (CKCRE) is to educate and develop real estate professionals, advance real estate research, and lead the community in conversations that educate and inspire innovation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance knowledge in real estate, public policy and urban economics through graduate education, applied research, and industry/community collaboration. 


Primary goals are:

Interdisciplinary Graduate Real Estate Education. To recruit and attract top real estate students seeking comprehensive and interdisciplinary graduate education in commercial real estate studies, using faculty and practitioners to combine academic theory with industry best practices.

Innovative Research in Real Estate and Urban Economics. To provide academic research and expertise that guide decision-making and offer solutions for urban development, land use, real estate investment, and capital market issues and foster innovative real estate theory, policy, and practice.

Strategic Collaborations with Industry. To become a critical link between academics and industry, students and the community, and public and private sectors, including partnering with key trade organizations, an advisory board of real estate professionals, and other affiliated groups to provide community outreach on current real estate issues, to collaborate on applied research, and to enrich professional networks for our students and alumni.

The 2020-21 CKCRE Annual Report