George A. Roy III

George is a self-motivated real estate professional with well-diversified experience in the areas project and asset management; acquisition; investment; strategic planning; and development. He has earned respect among peers by persevering and working tirelessly to turn previously underrated opportunities into successful real estate ventures. George is a graduate of Cornell University's College of Human Ecology where he developed enthusiasm for aligning his entrepreneurial spirit with strengthening communities & improving the built environment. He further realized the immense need for sustainable building design & construction from the perspectives of operational costs reduction, environmental impact minimization & enhanced occupant experience. Continuing his life-long interest in healthful living, he is especially interested in those projects that offer competitive returns on capital while incorporating sustainable design, green building technology & environmental performance. Upon completion of the MSRE program, George plans to specialize in mixed use, dense, walkable, urban space, adaptive reuse, and brownfield development.