William Propst

Employer: Cushman and Wakefield

Job Title: Research Analyst

Undergradute Degree: Finance and Economics

Undergraduate Institution: NC State University

Licenses and Certifications: North Carolina Real Estate License

What is your professional background?
I began my career with Capital Bank in Raleigh, NC as a consumer banking Financial Analyst. This eventually lead to a dual role where I was promoted to Assistant Treasury Fund Manager. Within a month of entering the MSRE program, I was offered a position with Cushman and Wakefield where I currently am a Research Analyst.

What were your motivations for pursuing the MSRE?
Since I am just beginning my career in commercial real estate, I viewed the program as a way to get a broad understanding of every facet that pertains to real estate. That education coupled with the rea- world experience I'm receiving at Cushman and Wakefield would give me a great baseline of knowledge and a better sense of direction for my career.

What drew you to the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate?
The program is great for working professionals looking to establish a presence in Charlotte. Not only are classes held at the Center City Campus, but there are ample opportunities to network and begin creating your brand that you will bring to the Charlotte market.