John Diehl

Current Employer: TIAA

Current Job Title: Mortgage Consultant  

Undergraduate Degree: Finance

Undergraduate Institution: UNC Charlotte

Licenses and Certifications: Federally Licensed Mortgage Originato

What is your professional background?
In order to build a fundamental knowledge of the industry and grow into different fields, I began my career in residential appraising after completing my undergraduate studies in 2006.  After gaining valuable experience, a new opportunity presented itself so I decided to make the transition over to finance working hand-in-hand with clients on residential mortgages.  A few years later, after having worked with direct lenders, another fantastic opportunity opened up at TIAA where, in my current position, I take on a much more consultative role.

What were your motivations for pursing the MSRE?
First and foremost, I strongly believe that you should continuously improve yourself, all throughout life.  However, more specifically, working in residential real estate does not provide the background required to work in the commercial space.  This program will provide me the knowledge and experience necessary, which will ultimately bridge that gap, allowing me to apply for positions in the industry with confidence.

What drew you to the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate?
A native of Charlotte, I have witnessed it transform into the notable city we all know today.  Seeing the impact commercial real estate has made in the overall landscape of the area has played a major role in developing my interest in the industry. After discovering the program, I was immediately interested in enrolling.  From the concentration of real-estate-centered curriculum, the network of esteemed professionals with whom I will be connected, the international trip, down to the conveniently located campus and evening classes, this program seemed to fit into my career path perfectly.  As a graduate of UNCC in 2006, my loyalty certainly lies with my alma mater and I could not be more excited to be back.