Andrew Polonus

Undergraduate Degree: Landscape Architecture

Undergraduate Institution: The Pennsylvania State University

Trade Organization/Group Affiliations: ULI, ASLA


What is your professional background?
I have been working in the Charlotte land development market in a design consulting role since June of 2015. My work as a landscape architect includes project feasibility analysis, due diligence, site layout, masterplanning, grading, stormwater management, spatial design, and project management responsibilities. While the majority of my work is comprised of greenfield commercial, residential, and mixed-use development, I have also contributed on public sector projects including parks and recreation, transportation planning, and streetscape design.

What were your motivations for pursuing a graduate degree?
My interest in real estate development dates back to my extensive undergraduate coursework in urban design and development. Upon joining the workforce, I quickly realized that my undergraduate program left me with a knowledge void in some areas; particularly in regard to business and finance. Seeing this as a barrier to entry as I pursue a foray into the development realm, I made the decision to enroll in the MSRE to obtain additional education in these areas and better position myself for my future career aspirations.

What drew you to the MSRE program at UNC Charlotte?
I was drawn to the UNCC MSRE because it provided me the flexibility to continue my education part-time while continuing to work full-time. Additionally, the specialized coursework and use of adjunct professors who actively work in the industry was very appealing.