Andi Dirkschneider

Name: Andi Dirkschneider

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Program (Full-Time, Part-Time): Part-Time 

Concentration/Area of Emphasis: MBA/Real Estate Finance & Development

Anticipated Graduation (Month & Year): May 2022

Undergraduate Institution and Degree: Emory University - Economics, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Current Employer: Brookline Homes

Position: Vice President – Land Acquisition and Development


What is your professional background?

I began my professional career at a digital marketing firm in Atlanta. From there I transitioned to a Charlotte based Investment Management and Advisory Firm, specializing in the acquisition and management of distressed mortgages and real estate. While there I worked in a variety of roles before landing in REO portfolio management. After Brookline Homes was founded, I joined that team as Purchasing Manager. As company needs changed, so did my role; from Purchasing to Marketing, Closing Coordinating, and Sales Management, ultimately to Land Acquisition and Development, where I am today.

What motivated you to pursue this program?

I have a limited time to broaden the depth and breadth of my knowledge in preparation for my next role at Brookline Homes.

How would you describe the M.S. in Real Estate to someone who is considering pursuing this master’s degree?

An invaluable exposure to a wide range of Real Estate topics.